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Growth Happens

It’s Saturday after a long week and I would rather skip the details of this present moment not that it is bad. My coffee is good. Life grows under favorable-enough conditions. It doesn’t need constant oversight, control or worry. —Water, light, heat, air. And, supposedly, life flourishes with care. —pruning, relocating, repotting, and other forms […]


I’m sitting cross legged in bed with poor posture. I’m over-caffeinated and it’s nearly 6pm. I have laundry that needs to be put in the drier, so that’s what I have to do night now. (…) There’s a quote that needs improvement on its translation. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Almost. It’s more […]


I keep getting distracted, so I haven’t had a real dinner yet. My triceps are extra sore today. My mesh chair is imprinting a pattern on my sockless foot. And I am falling out of love with La Croix. …and I just went down a reddit rabbit hole for five minutes. I really ought to […]


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Gardening is rich with metaphors—or so I have been told.

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