The thread goes where the thread goes. The wheel weaves where the wheel wills. I am on the verge of leaving Seattle (read: Lynnwood) for Texas. My time has been an unwieldy blob. Soon it will be like water in the desert. Present but scarce. I am going to business school as an MBA candidate. […]

Not by Tedium

I was under the wrong impression that the human world was held together by tedium. There is a quote from the book The Pale King that captures the mistaken idea: “I discovered the key. This key is not efficiency, or probity, or insight, or wisdom. It is not political cunning, interpersonal skills, raw IQ, loyalty, […]

A Ghost

Spirit x Intuition


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A monochrome portrait of Andreas Bodemer by Madeline Owen


A Real Moment. Each post begins grounded in the moment that I begin typing, and then I explore an idea.

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