Figure out what hubris smells like; then stay away.

Anxiety: Accept the thought, or stalk it with Socratic thoroughness.

Don’t bleed in public.

Don’t walk like a lamb.

The majority of experience is shaped by expectation.

And there is not experience without expectation.

The body is expectation incarnate. (it expects that fire burns and food nourishes)

Everything can be improved. There is a universal process of optimization.

Now make sure you keep these two questions in mind always:
And, for what?

I am that I am.

The bedrock of being is subjective experience and tautology.

Box yourself with a label but only with careful intention.

Adopt identities with care; do not cling to them.

You are what you are: noble namer of names, mask maker,

We are haunted by the ghosts of unanswered dead beliefs.

“You cannot pull up the tulips to see if they are still growing.”

The big is a reflection of the small, and the small is a reflection of the big, but it isn’t a very clear or perfect reflection. So we need a lot of metaphors to fill in the gaps.

Synchronicity is real enough, but I’m not sure what to do about it.

Conspiracy: Capitalism isn’t real. It’s an idea sold to people to coverup the nameless game that separates the successful from the unsuccessful.

We’ll learn the name after the game is over.

There is no such thing as authenticity.

Better to measure knowledge and enthusiasm.

What is worth obsessing over?

Meaning is subjective and temporary. (at the very least)

But it is real.

“Choice is the name you give to what you got.”

The temporal nature of human beauty tempers its impact; look at a person as they were and will be.

The only man that doesn’t want anything is a dead man.