(an insult)

I spent a few seconds to coin an insult because someone said something profoundly stupid on the internet.

Meme Carrier

That’s it. That’s the best I can do.

Unthinking. Blind. Regurgitating. Dumping a viral load in their wake.

A meme carrier is an echo and a puppet. A body animated by an alien force. Someone who lost respect for truth. Traded it in for something easier. Or just never knew better.

Tell them to cough somewhere else. Their condition is chronic. And it puts vulnerable people at risk.


You know you ought not fight so much with people on the internet. No one ever won a fight on the internet.

Would you rather be a hermit? Is that what we all ought to do? Abstain? Is this an abstinence lecture?

What did you gain? What did anyone?

I got sharper.

To what point? On what edge? What bits of yourself did you shave off fighting thin anonymous personas?

…that some other party might read and learn a deeper truth.

Well, there are better ways of doing that, aren’t there?