Growth Happens

It’s Saturday after a long week and I would rather skip the details of this present moment not that it is bad.

My coffee is good.

Life grows under favorable-enough conditions. It doesn’t need constant oversight, control or worry. —Water, light, heat, air.

And, supposedly, life flourishes with care. —pruning, relocating, repotting, and other forms of careful violence.

The bean shaped leaf was the first leaf on this plant. “…Cotyledons are the first leaves produced by plants. Cotyledons are not considered true leaves and are sometimes referred to as “seed leaves,” because they are actually part of the seed or embryo of the plant.

These coleus plants seemed to be pairs of kidney bean shaped leaves for the longest time. Then they started to grow faster.

Rate of growth can grow, for a while. And it’s easy not to notice.

And it’s just as easy to feel like things will continue to grow more and more quickly, as if my entire room would be a dense jungle in a few weeks. But growth and change find an equilibrium. a steadier place where a different kind of change happens, usually more slowly.