I’m sitting cross legged in bed with poor posture. I’m over-caffeinated and it’s nearly 6pm. I have laundry that needs to be put in the drier, so that’s what I have to do night now.


There’s a quote that needs improvement on its translation.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.


It’s more like—what doesn’t kill you makes you starker.

What does that mean? Consider my begonia.

begonia rex looking grim

I was out of town for the weekend. When I came back my room was hot and stuffy because we happened to have one afternoon of sunshine. —that’s all it took. One muggy day and this plant was covered in white polka dot spots of mold. Half its leaves fell off the following day.

It lives. Albeit, a little uglier.

What doesn’t kill you makes a part of you sharper.

The coleus sprouts are coming along. Their colors are varied.

I’m short on metaphors. All I can say is that I appreciate that each seed planted was a roll of dice. Character can be like that. Sometimes a long and fairly predictable line is established. But some lines, some families, some histories, and some seeds bring mixed results—for better and worse.