The Universe and the Things in It

A Real Moment:
It’s about 8:30 in the morning. I’m sitting at my desk with an empty mug, a journal, two pens, and a bottle of ink. Life feels a little chaotic at the moment even though not much is happening today or even this month. But the world turns upside down when you start planning big changes for your future.

The birds chirping outside are not crows or humming birds.

The morning light filtering through the cloud seems gray, but I’ve learned that it’s really a shade of blue.

People often talk about The Universe as if it were a mysterious yet personal god guiding them down a meaningful path of spiritual development. I used to feel that way, but that doesn’t make sense to me anymore.

What is The Universe? —”Everything that exists.”

The Universe is all of the things that are real. The Universe contains God and The Devil, if you believe in those things. The Universe contains the good and the bad, justice and injustice. Maybe those things are material, or spiritual, or energy—pick your monad or dyad.

The Universe is The Universe. Why would The Universe be good? Or bad?

It is what it is.

We might as well just call it The Real Reality. (But that’s not very useful.)

So, no, I don’t think The Universe guides us.

But there is something else. —Good, Better, and Best.

Will we ever be truly good? Who is to say? Today we do our best, because that’s all we can do. Tomorrow, we might be fortunate enough to be better.

Maybe there is a loving force or a God who is looking out for us. But I don’t think that’s The Universe. Maybe this was just a game of definitions and semantics. If it is, I find it to be an important one. Words and definitions build our world within the universe.

PS: When people say that The Universe is guiding them, I think this is what they are referring to (link).