Test Post for Blog Revival

This is a test post.

A template or standardized guide will be helpful in staying consistent with my posting.

To Do/Notes

  • Hide old blog posts in a separate archive
  • Customize theme (White, Black Red)
  • Decide on theme
  • Design: Prayer to the Moment.
    • The PttM is a reminder that I am a real person, in a real place, not a nameless, faceless content writer or AI. I live in time and space.
    • The PttM is a prayer to ground my writing in reality.
    • PttM: should be 3-5 sentences; giving it a standardized format, like 3 sentences every time could turn it into poetry.
    • Before or after the post?
  • Blog Length: shorter than before. 1-5 minutes max.
    • Longer posts deserve an “article” posted in a different feed