Tex Spits on the Plywood-Lined Floor Inside the Arena

It’s shortly after 11:00am, and I’m drinking a coffee outside of the Climate Pledge Arena construction site. I had my meal-prepped lunch during our 15-minute 9:00am break because I was hungry. I walked by the arena quite a few times while it has been under construction. I never thought I would be here working.

I remember coming here the first time and also visiting Pike Place Market with my first college roommates in Bellingham. It was nice having Seattle an hour and a half away. It was like a distant promise of good times.

How does a person start something bigger than themselves? —A religion, a cult, a company, a brand, a following. How?

I’ve tended toward solipsism in the past. I had my own thoughts and agenda, and I never really cared if anyone else “got it.”

Or maybe, I wanted them to “get me”. But they didn’t.

I think I wanted clones of myself.

Whatever I wanted, it didn’t turn out well.

This probably doesn’t make sense.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about leadership since I started working as an electrical worker at the end of last March.

How do I set an example for people to follow? Or how can people know to do the right thing without being told?

There’s this old guy, late 50’s. They call him Bones. He’s on time. He does exactly what he is told to do—no more, no less. He stands around with big open eyes. (He was standing too close to me. It was weird. Did he look up to me? It was uncomfortable. But I know if I were to tell him to do something, he would do it, even if not very well.)

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