Ares Rests, and I Contemplate Photography

Ares rests.

Onward, Hermes. Guide this wayward soul.

Photography has been good for me.  It has been a creative exhalation after what felt like a relatively long period of inhalation (reading and thinking).

I now have a tangible goal to further hone my NYE resolution: I want 1,000 followers on my photography account, and I want to follow no more than 500 people (300 would be more ideal).

Is this mere vanity? —No not quite. But vanity is an element, a motivating force.

If this was shallow vanity I would be aiming for mere-likes, shallow finger taps. And the easiest way to do that is to post pictures of beautiful people, namely women.

I would rather post beautiful-pictures-of-people rather than pictures-of-beautiful-people. (Maybe someday I will post beautiful-pictures-of-beautiful-people).


I have a few rules in mind for my instagram acct, but nothing official yet—

  • No gratuitous sexy bullshit
  • No makeup
  • No Cleavage
  • No abs
  • No ass
  • No Photoshop (to clean up skin)
I\’m searching for a deeper beauty, and I want to bring it to light. Maybe I\’ll find it. Maybe I won\’t. Maybe I\’ll merely devolve into a pornographer. —probably not.

A ghost says, do not get fat on low hanging fruit; it is not becoming. I do not know what she means, so you will have to interpret that.

They say that there is nothing behind the veil. I say that they need a better metaphor. While Life may be a mystery, it is rich and layered with boundless depths and heights with no ceilings

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