Jan 25, 2021

I might have COVID. We\’ll see in within the next 48 hours. Everyone involved is asymptomatic at this point. One friend just happens to get tested twice a week. 

I found myself taking a piss (literally) and fantasizing about great future achievements of great philosophical achievement. I imagined people coming to me from far away to see my wisdom. But rather than being on a lonely mountaintop, I would be tending a garden, or riding a motorcycle; I would be out there living a good life.

I don\’t suppose I\’ll ever be a great thinker. That dream stinks of caustic golden smoke. But I see the value in that fantasy. 

Some popculture guy probably already figured it out. I need to pay more attention to popculture movements. I need to figure out if there is some meaningful trend I am missing. It\’s too convenient for me to just wave it all away. 

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