January 9, 2021

It\’s actually the 10th, shortly after 1am. I\’m in bed, and the rain has just started to pick up outside, slow steady drops. Caitlin is asleep beside me. She\’s not snoring this time. We had a good day today. We drove to Cle Elum and Roslyn. I found Caitlin a pair of good ($20) socks for $3 at a thrift store.  I took pictures, and then we drove back. Then we had my favorite fried chicken at Sisters and Brothers Bar on Ellis, a few blocks away. I spent the rest of the evening editing photos.

While we were making our way over the pass, Caitlin read a little bit of The Story of Philosophy by Durant. She\’s only getting started with the book (and reluctantly). She\’s reading about Plato\’s Republic. Its discussion about the potential perils that we face as a society feel exceptionally relevant at the moment. The Capitol building was breached by Trump fanatics who wanted—well, no one is quite sure precisely what they wanted, but we know that it\’s bad and that it\’s stoked on by Trump\’s insistence that he won the election. 

I sincerely wish the entire country would read The Story of Philosophy. But I doubt I can even get Caitlin to read it. Well, pearls before swine; garnets in the grass. —Sorry, Caitlin. (My father shares this same impulse, the desire to force information on people. I can never forget him once saying that he wishes he could do a Vulcan mind meld on people so they could know what he knows; sorry, Father, a Vulcan mind meld goes both ways.) 

I\’m not sure how afraid I should be. I have been worried for a long time that the United States may face a civil war or perhaps prolonged domestic terrorism. It doesn\’t look like we\’re going to suddenly plunge into war and strife. But there will be fallout. If his spell isn\’t broken and his lies aren\’t brought out of darkness, Trump will be remain political martyr, a rally cry. 

I found the New York Times article The American Abyss by Timothy Snyder to most accurately reflect my beliefs. What I wrote above is significantly influenced by his opinion. (I signed up for The New York Times today on Don and Zack\’s recommendation, so far so good.)

The new website is coming along nicely. I think the plan is to make it a reflection of my most important ideas.

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