January 4, 2021

It\’s just before noon. I have work in an hour. I\’m in jeans, sitting beside Caitlin on the bed while she works from home.

This weekend was busy and full: We had friends over. I bought a new camera. We accidentally spent $50 on two chicken legs (2 pounds) from a truck operated by Sea Breeze Farm at the Ballard farmers market; the chicken was, without a doubt, worth every penny, and now we are ruined, for every chicken will pale in comparison, living in the shadow of that . I also lost myself in Adobe Lightroom for hours. And I pu

I bought a used DSLR at a good discount from Glazers. Like the idiot noob I am, I thought it was broken because the viewfinder was blurry. So, now two days later, I went back to the store to see what was up.  Well, turns out that there\’s a small dial by the viewfinder. Anyway, I bought a spare SD card, a lens cleaning kit, and two books—The Essence of Photography and Extraordinary Everyday Photography. Reading makes a difference, especially when it comes to things like this; technical manuals are not enough. 

I also bought the domain curiousredthread.com to use for my short stories and essays. That is going to be an interesting project. 

Here are some pictures I took. I\’ll need to figure out a way to format them to make them look good on this blog. 

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