November 16, 2020


I am in a bad mood because of the new COVID restrictions, namely the fact that the gym is closing again tomorrow for at least one month.

I understand the reason why. I am fully, rationally aware of why it\’s happening.

But, right now, the rational reason—the facts—do not make me feel any better. I don\’t care how fucking reasonable these restrictions are or how many lives are going to be saved, I am pissed. That\’s human nature. That\’s my nature.

I don\’t think the restrictions are objectively ethical. However, they were put into place by people who were voted into power, so they\’re, as far as I\’m concerned, an extension of the collective public will; I\’ll respect that. But it\’s hard to respect Inslee\’s smug face. He\’s not suffering. He, among others, is gaining power through this. I can feel it in my churning gut.

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