August 18, 2020

 Too much bourbon tonight, but I\’m not drunk.

This question has been bugging me for the past few days: What is the value of reality over fantasy?

I\’ve desperately clung to \”reality\” over the past few years. But now the line between fantasy and reality is beginning to blur, and the rightful value of one over the other is beginning to change.

…as if we were capable of relating to reality (without burning up) … 

What does a fantasy have that reality does not?

…all fantasies have a grain of reality/truth just like a pearl has a speck.

Unrelated to the above thoughts:

Neon Genesis Evangelion is some real existential shit. It\’s legit. Papers can and should be written. Background knowledge of Christian Gnosticism, Kierkegaard, and misc weeb-shit would be required. It\’s a unique intersection.

Spoiler: The protagonist finds existential salvation in the fact that his self may exist in multiple possible worlds—the one which is being attacked by monsters as well as one where he is a normal student

Camus Quoting Nietzsche in The Rebel

\”No artist tolerates reality.\”

What is this reality that Nietzsche is referring to? —Our most accurate perception of the current-state-of-affairs-and-our-environment without room for imagination: the past and the present moment devoid of imagination, creativity, and possibility. 

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