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Haunting at 503 Cherry St.

I am haunted by the ghost of an Ivy League graduate, dead by suicide in his prime twenties for not being enough. Since his death, he floats about. He is a hungry ghost. He makes fun of people’s IQ’s. And he shakes his head in disgust when the lower classes make frivolous expenses in a […]

All Along the Bell Curve

God distributed talent along the bell curve. May he be kind to the left tail. Because, we are not. […] Talent and ability is distributed randomly. What credit can I take? What blame can I give? None.

Words, Words, Words

Most thinking isn’t done with words. Decisions and justifications are expressed as words. But there’s a good argument that words can help us sort through good and bad judgement. Impressions, knowledge, and wisdom are all much stranger than language. Language is the fruit of an organic process; the apple hardly resembles the tree.

A Stranger in a Strange Land

I don’t know when I made it into College Station, Texas. But I know that the drive was fourteen hours, and I walked into Whataburger at 2:27am. I texted a friend saying this is a different country because there were half a dozen rowdy not-quite-21-yearold boys and girls who all piled out of an oversized, […]

Material Reflection

Some years ago, I bought out my lease and moved with little time to spare. I sold what I could. I piled everything into a small room in a new house. There was no room to walk. It was night and the floor was a dark ocean. I laid on my bare mattress, floating. … […]

On Essays (and Cookies)

Good writing is sort of like a cookie. And there are two types of cookies: plain and chunky. Plain cookies can be good. But the best cookies are chunky. It’s more challenging to make a plain cookie. Maybe plain is the wrong word. Maybe I’m thinking of something uniform, lacking inclusions. Imagine a ginger bread […]

The Most Important Thingsā€”a bundle of metaphors

It’s late Sunday evening, the night before I begin my move across the country from Washington to Texas. I’m sitting on the floor of my nearly empty room, feeling out of place even when my eyes are closed because the empty walls are echoing differently. The rain is falling gently, and my roommates are asleep […]


Fortune favors the bold. Go forth. Go out. Do great things. Seize life. Great things await those who take reasonable risks. Death favors the bold. Fortune and Death favor the bold. The bold are favored. Not by all. Not by all. But. The bold are the first to be made examples of. To be bold […]

Smoke Your Golden Ticket

Tickets start at one dollar. Round trip. The journey is short and golden. But the destination is only a rumor. Buy a lotto ticket. Smoke it. Feel warm for a moment. Then cough deeply. The dream is short. For one American buck you can leave your miserable life. Short trips. Waking dreams. And a steady […]

Photography, Memory, Death

Memory is a rebellion against death. It is a thing that refuses to die. It rests, latent, then resurrected in consciousness. Life without memory is only vibrating chaos. Memory keeps what matters. Hopes. And warnings. Good things. And bad things too. Photography is a form of memory. It congeals the infinitude of a moment into […]


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